Timber Frame Home & Cabin Restoration Manitoba

Timber frame homes and cabins have their fair share of advantages. They are better insulated, more environmentally friendly, and they are quicker to build. However, new home owners are often not aware that wooden houses have special maintenance requirements.

Untimely upkeep can result in rot or bug infestation which can affect the structural integrity of the house. We will not only help you restore your home to brand new condition, but also make your home more durable.

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Our Process For Timber Frame Home & Cabin Restoration

We begin the restoration process by inspecting the timber frame home for any structural damage from rot, insects, or decay. This helps us determine the scope of the restoration project and the associated costs.

After the inspection stage, we make the necessary structural repairs by replacing the damaged timber. Next, we apply preservatives to the timber to prevent it from weather and insects. After securing the overall structure, we identify and make repairs on the roof, doors, windows, and on the interior (walls, ceilings, and floors). Finally, we enhance the appearance of the house by staining or painting the timber and applying suitable finishes.

FAQs About Our Timber Frame Home & Cabin Restoration Services

The average lifespan of a log home is approximately 60 years but with proper care and guidance from our expert builders, you can expect your home to last a lot longer than that.

Wood is comparatively more sensitive to weather elements and rot, therefore when we work on a log home, we make sure to use the best materials and building techniques (preservatives, staining, chinking, etc.) to prolong the lifespan of your home as much as possible.

Log homes require comparatively more maintenance than other types of houses; but it is totally worth it. The reason for log homes requiring relatively higher maintenance is the nature of the building material i.e. wood.

Wood is vulnerable to rot, insects, and more prone to wear and tear than other building materials. To prevent your log home from weather, insects, and wear and tear, it is essential to periodically restrain, re-caulk, and clean. Our experts are at your disposal to guide you through the whole process.

Although paint can prevent timber from rotting, you still need other kinds of treatment to protect your house from the damage caused by weather elements, insects, and mold.


It is important to use the right kind of paint on timber to ensure the coating’s longevity and protection from sunlight. Exterior grade Acrylic-latex paint is best suited for this job since it is washable, and fire-resistant.

Before applying paint, you still need to properly prime the surface with double coats to ensure protection from UV rays and weather.

A timber frame home restoration process depends on various factors so it is not possible to give an exact answer to this question. These factors include the size of the house, the extent of the damage, and the scope of the restoration process.

Typically, such a project can range from a few weeks to several months. To give an exact timeline, our expert builders assess the damage on the property and finalize plans on how to proceed with the repair process.

Much like the timeline for the restoration process, the cost associated with the project is also dependent on various factors including but not limited to the size of the house, the extent of the damage, and the scope of the restoration process.

After assessing the property, our expert builders quote a price by adding all the costs of raw materials, and labor. Fill the form below to book an appointment with us so you can have a clear idea of the costs associated with undertaking restoration of your log home.

It is possible to make amendments to the layout or design of your home during the restoration process. However, such changes add to the cost and time of the project significantly depending on the extent of the changes.