Log Home Restoration & Construction in Saskatchewan

A log home is not just a residency; it’s a legacy. At Maurice & Sons Construction, we understand what your legacy means to you. As Saskatchewan’s leading specialists in log home and cabin restoration, we bring decades of family expertise directly to your doorstep. We give your home unfettered attention so you can rest assured, knowing that its character and beauty will never fade.

As a family ourselves, we value yours equally as much. Let our family help you preserve your family’s legacy through unmatched craftsmanship and premier log home restoration and construction in Saskatchewan.

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Why Choose Maurice & Sons for Your Log Home Restoration in Saskatchewan?

Decades of Local Experience

There’s a reason why Maurice & Sons is synonymous with log home restoration in Saskatchewan. We bring over 30 years of local experience to your project with a deep understanding of log homes in Saskatchewan.

Custom Craftsmanship

We don’t just do what we do as a job - we LOVE it. Every log, every beam, and every corner of your home is precious to us and is treated as such. We don’t even like the word “restore.” We like to “reimagine” what your log home can be.

Sustainable Practices

Who doesn’t love the environment, right? We do our best to protect it. From eco-friendly stains to energy-efficient upgrades, we make sure that your log home restoration contributes positively to the environment.

Full-Service Expertise

Maurice & Sons is the only solution you need for log home restoration in Saskatchewan. From thorough inspections to detailed finishing touches, our team handles every aspect of your project with professionalism and care.

Contact us today and see why so many Saskatchewan homeowners choose us to bring their log homes back to life.

What Are the Log Home Restoration Services We Offer?

Log Home & Cabin Restoration

Feel like your log home is losing its strength? It’s time to restore it back to full health. Time and weather have no mercy for any home, and they will have taken a toll on yours as well. We will breathe life back into your favorite place with a unique flair and modern techniques.

Timber Frame Home & Cabin Restoration

Let’s bring out the true radiance of your timber frame homes and cabins with our cabin restoration services in Saskatchewan. We ensure your home can stand tall in its full glory against the elements with style. Style and durability are what we believe in, and that’s what we’ll bring to your home too.

Cedar Shake Roof Restoration

Watch us bring back the original allure of your cedar shake roof and make it fresh and wonderful again. Saskatchewan’s log home repair experts will bring out the best in your log home through cedar shake roof restoration. We tend to shake in a manner that future-proofs it against the elements while looking breathtaking.

Deck Construction

Looking to expand your living space? How about a custom-built deck that’s both stylish and useful? We all love a cozy deck for our morning coffee, don’t we? Our experts will design and build you a deck that will excite you to take that morning stroll every morning.

Log Rot Remediation

Rot is one of the more troubling elements regarding log homes. Consider us the mortal enemies of such decay. We identify, remove, and replace affected areas so your home’s structure remains as beautiful as ever.

Timber Frame Accents & Furniture

We are well-versed in bespoke furniture too. Each piece we create, from statement barn doors to handcrafted tables, is a testament to our love for log homes. Let us transform your home with timber frame accents that speak volumes about your style and our dedication to fine woodworking.

Log Home Inspection

We are not a one-time solution. In fact, we provide regular log home inspections so you can save yourself the hefty costs caused by major issues, such as decay due to rot. Whether pre-purchase, seasonal check-ups, or pre-renovation evaluations, our thorough assessments safeguard your investment.

Let’s Make Your Saskatchewan Log Home Alive Again

Whether you’re looking to restore the timeless beauty of your log cabin or require expert advice on maintaining your investment, Maurice & Sons Construction is here to help. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering excellence and precision in every project so your home can take on the test of time and come out on top.

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FAQs about Log Home Restoration in Saskatchewan

When dealing with rotten logs in a log house, it's crucial to address the issue quickly to prevent further damage. The process involves removing the affected log sections, treating the area to prevent future decay, and replacing it with new, treated wood that matches the existing structure. To get optimal results, contact our log home restoration & construction services in Saskatchewan.

There are two approaches to restoring a log home. The first is to call professional home restoration service providers in Saskatchewan, and the other is DIY (Do it yourself). Here are the key steps you need to follow: inspect the entire structure for damage, clean the logs thoroughly, replace or repair damaged logs, apply a protective stain, and seal the logs to guard against weather and pests. This will help you keep your home protected.

Log restoration is the process of reviving and maintaining the authentic structure and visual aesthetic of log buildings. This involves inspecting for damage, removing old finishes, repairing or replacing decayed logs, and applying new stains and sealants to protect against the elements. Our log home restoration & construction in Saskatchewan focuses on all these elements properly.

You should refinish a log home every 3 to 5 years. It mainly depends on the climate and exposure to the elements. Regular refinishing helps to maintain your home’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. It’s important to follow guidelines on how often you have to stain a log home to make sure it’s always a treat to look at.

Yes, logs in a log home can be replaced if they are too damaged to be effectively repaired. This task should be handled by professionals who specialize in log home construction and restoration.

Rotten timber in a log home can sometimes be repaired if the damage is not too extensive. This involves removing the rotten section and treating the surrounding area to prevent further decay. You can fill this void with an epoxy wood filler.